Opaque web practices among low-cost carriers

Torres, Ann M.
Barry, Chris
Hogan, Mairéad
Torres, A. M., Barry, C., & Hogan, M. (2009). Opaque Web practices among low-cost carriers. Journal of Air Transport Management, 15(6), 299-307.
The low-cost airlines' adoption of Web technologies to facilitate direct sales has accelerated their market penetration. However, some low-cost carriers are increasingly using Websites to create distance between themselves and their consumers in specific areas of their operations, while simultaneously developing excellence in sales transaction completion via self-service. The [`]opaque' practices many low-cost carriers employ appear to be intentional design features and are contrary to the ethos of designing a [`]good system' to facilitate the full spectrum of customer service. As a result, the low-cost sector has come under increased scrutiny for engaging in unfair practices and violating consumer protection law.
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