A groupware system for product innovation management

Cormican, Kathryn
O'Sullivan, David
Cormican, K. and O'Sullivan, D. (2004) A groupware system for product innovation management 9th International Conference in Human and Organisational Issues in the Digital Enterprise Galway, Ireland, 2004-08-25- 2004-08-27
We are experiencing a radical shift in the way organisations are designed, structured and organised. New organisational forms such as strategic partnerships and networks are replacing simple market based transactions and traditional bureaucratic, hierarchical organisations. Visionary firms are adopting project focused, re-configurable e-business models or networks to maximise core competencies in order to fulfil customers needs. This is particularly evident in the area of product innovation where organisations are seeking to adopt new approaches or ways of working in order to compete. Product innovation is a continuous and cross-functional process involving and integrating a growing number of different competencies inside and outside the organisation's boundaries. Consequently, product managers are focusing on managing partnerships and facilitating communication, collaboration and co-ordination in a distributed work environment. This paper examines some of these issues. First, the changing business environment is considered. Then, the shifting workforce paradigm is examined. Within these new forms the changing role of information communication technology is discussed. Finally, a web-enabled prototype which was specifically designed to enable effective product innovation management in today's dynamic environment is presented and discussed.
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