A review of science outreach strategies north and south: with some recommendations for improvement

Davison, Kevin
Domegan, Christine
McCauley, Veronica
McClune, William
Davison, K., McCauley, V., Domegan, C., & McClune, W. (2008). A review of science outreach strategies north and south: with some recommendations for improvement: A report for the Standing Conference on Teacher EducationNorth and South (SCoTENS), Centre for Cross Border Studies.
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This report is the first comprehensive census and examination of science outreach and communication activities on the island of Ireland. The report introduces social marketing theory as an alternative way to think about more effective outreach strategies. Data collected at the first annual Science Communication, Outreach and Public Engagement Research Symposium held in the National University of Ireland, Galway on 24- 25 May 2007 will be discussed along with data from the first all-Ireland survey of science communication and outreach providers, practitioners and policy makers. The data gathered show the key challenge facing Irish science communication and outreach stakeholders is the greater integration of multiple partners, from government and state bodies to schools, teachers, NGOs, commercial players and the general public. The data also suggest that there is a need for a shift away from simply providing information about science or increasing an interest in science, toward an approach that attempts to influence voluntary social behaviour to increase public engagement with the sciences. Furthermore, a more comprehensive evaluation of outreach activities is needed to make the best use of available resources. This report offers science outreach providers and educators a snapshot into the diversity of outreach activities and their scope, and recommends innovative approaches to increase science literacy. Building science literacy and attracting and retaining future scientists is essential to the growth of social and economic development in the new knowledge economy.
Centre for Cross Border Studies
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