Growth arrest-specific gene 6 expression in human breast cancer

Mc Cormack, O
Chung, W Y
Fitzpatrick, P
Cooke, F
Flynn, B
Harrison, M
Fox, E
Gallagher, E
Goldrick, A Mc
Dervan, P A
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Mc Cormack, O; Chung, W Y; Fitzpatrick, P; Cooke, F; Flynn, B; Harrison, M; Fox, E; Gallagher, E; Goldrick, A Mc; Dervan, P A; Mc Cann, A; Kerin, M J (2008). Growth arrest-specific gene 6 expression in human breast cancer. British Journal of Cancer 98 (6), 1141-1146
Growth arrest- specific gene 6 ( Gas6), identified in 1995, acts as the ligand to the Axl/ Tyro3 family of tyrosine kinase receptors and exerts mitogenic activity when bound to these receptors. Overexpression of the Axl/ Tyro3 receptor family has been found in breast, ovarian and lung tumours. Gas6 is upregulated 23- fold by progesterone acting through the progesterone receptor B ( PRB). Recently, Gas6 has been shown to be a target for overexpression and amplification in breast cancer. Quantitative real- time PCR analysis was used to determine the levels of Gas6 mRNA expression in 49 primary breast carcinomas. Expression of PRB protein was evaluated immunohistochemically with a commercially available PRB antibody. The results showed a positive association between PRB protein and Gas6 mRNA levels ( P =0.04). Gas6 correlated positively with a number of favourable prognostic variables including lymph node negativity ( P =0.0002), younger age at diagnosis ( P =0.04), smaller size of tumours ( P =0.02), low Nottingham prognostic index scores ( P =0.03) and low nuclear morphology ( P =0.03). This study verifies for the first time the association between PRB and Gas6 in breast cancer tissue.
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