Meitheal and child and family support networks - process and outcomes study

Rodriguez, Leonor
Cassidy, Anne
Devaney, Carmel
Rodriguez, L., Cassidy, A. and Devaney, C. (2018) Meitheal and Child and Family Support Networks - Process and Outcomes Study. Galway: UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland Galway.
This report presents research on the Meitheal and Child and Family Support Network (CFSN) model.1 The research has three components – (1) the Meitheal Process and Outcomes study, (2) findings on the Child and Family Support Networks and (3) Interviews with Internal and External Stakeholders: Common Data Collection. Data was collected for this report between January 2017 and March 2018.2 Firstly, the Meitheal Process and Outcomes study evaluates the impact of the Meitheal model on outcomes for families in Ireland, the process of its implementation and its impact on the child protection and welfare system. Data was collected with parents3, children and young people4 and Lead Practitioners. This is a longitudinal mixed method study. The qualitative findings focus on the experience of participating in Meitheal as well as its perceived influence on outcomes and the service provision system in Ireland. The quantitative findings report on the impact of Meitheal on outcomes for children, young people and their parents as well as determining the effect of model fidelity and socio-demographic characteristics and geographical location on outcomes. The second component focuses on findings on the CFSNs5 and examines their perceived benefits, their links to other components of the service provision system and challenges to their implementation. Data was collected with CFSN members in several focus groups across Ireland. The third component consists of interviews with internal and external stakeholders: Common Data Collection. This explores findings related to key stakeholders’ perceptions of the Meitheal and CFSN model’s connection with and impact on the service delivery system and its sustainability. It also includes a secondary analysis of Tusla Performance Data to understand the impact of Meitheal and the CFSNs on the overall child protection and welfare system.
UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, NatiNUI Galway
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