Young adult type 1 diabetes care in the west of ireland: an audit of hospital practice

Casey, R.
O'Hara, M. C.
Cunningham, A.
Wall, D.
Geoghegan, R.
Hynes, L.
McGuire, B.
Gately, M.
Bell, M.
Dinneen, S. F.
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Casey, R. O'Hara, M. C.; Cunningham, A.; Wall, D.; Geoghegan, R.; Hynes, L.; McGuire, B.; Gately, M.; Bell, M.; Dinneen, S. F. (2014). Young adult type 1 diabetes care in the west of ireland: an audit of hospital practice. QJM 107 (11), 903-908
Background: It is well recognised that management of young adults with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) poses difficult challenges for physicians and health care organisations as a whole. In Ireland and in particular the west of Ireland there has been little audit or research on young adults with T1DM and the services available to them. Design: In 2011 a retrospective review of this patient population in our territory referral centre was carried out. Results: The average glycaemic control in this population was poor at 81 mmols/mol and diabetes related complications were present in 32%. Engagement by this population with services was poor with an average of 3 missed clinic appointments over a 24 month period. Conclusion: These results have prompted a re think of how health care professionals can deliver a service that better suits the needs of this challenging patient group.
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