An adaptive mesh solute transport model

Nash, Stephen
Hartnett, Michael
Nash, S., Hartnett M. , (2009) An adaptive mesh solute transport model Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing
An adaptive mesh solute transport model is presented. The adaptive mesh scheme is implemented in a one-way multiply nested version of the hydrobiological model DIVAST (Depth Integrated Velocity and Solute Transport). The scheme allows the inner meshes of finer resolution to follow physical features such as solute plumes, thereby minimising the fine resolution coverage and thus the computational cost. If a physical feature moves during the course of a simulation, the fine resolution meshes move with it. Mesh movement can be either specified or automatic. The model was tested using a model of Galway Bay to simulate the discharge of a conservative tracer from a wastewater treatment plant. Results show that the model is capable of predicting solute transport to a high degree of accuracy and that adaptive meshing provides an efficient alternative to the classical zoom nesting techniques.
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