Linked Data Driven Information Systems as an Enabler for Integrating Financial Data

O'Riain, Sean
Curry, Edward
O'Riain, Sean; Curry, Edward (2012) 'Linked Data Driven Information Systems as an Enabler for Integrating Financial Data' In: Information Systems for Global Financial Markets: Emerging Developments and Effects. Hershey, PA : IGI Global.
With increased dependence on efficient use and inclusion of diverse corporate and Web based data sources for business information analysis, financial information providers will increasingly need agile information integration capabilities. Linked Data is a set of technologies and best practices that provide such a level of agility for information integration, access, and use. Current approaches struggle to cope with multiple data sources inclusion in near real-time, and have looked to Semantic Web technologies for assistance with infrastructure access, and dealing with multiple data formats and their vocabularies. This chapter discusses the challenges of financial data integration, provides the component architecture of Web enabled financial data integration and outlines the emergence of a financial ecosystem, based upon existing Web standards usage. Introductions to Semantic Web technologies are given, and the chapter supports this with insight and discussion gathered from multiple financial services use case implementations. Finally, best practice for integrating Web data based on the Linked Data principles and emergent areas are described.
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