Artificial Intelligence in interprofessional healthcare practice education – Insights from the Home Health Project, an exemplar for change

Connolly, Cornelia
Hernon, Orlaith
Carr, Peter
Worlikar, Hemendra
McCabe, Ian
Doran, Jennifer
Simpkin, Andrew J.
O'Keeffe, Derek T.
Cornelia Connolly, Orlaith Hernon, Peter Carr, Hemendra Worlikar, Ian McCabe, Jennifer Doran, Jane C. Walsh, Andrew J. Simpkin & Derek T. O’Keeffe (2023) Artificial Intelligence in Interprofessional Healthcare Practice Education – Insights from the Home Health Project, an Exemplar for Change, Computers in the Schools, DOI: 10.1080/07380569.2023.2247393
Artificial intelligence (AI) technology in professional practice is regarded as the latest disruption to challenge ethical, societal, economic, and educational paradigms. It is becoming a con-temporary narrative in our healthcare and educational dis-course as it is thought to improve decision-making, education, patient care, and service delivery. If such benefits are to be realized it is important to ensure that our understanding of AI is underpinned with curricula to educate healthcare profession-als about AI. Practitioners can then be better informed to par-ticipate fully in digital initiatives in their field. Few if any studies articulate a clear process in curricula design for professional practice and healthcare education. Therefore, an understanding of real-world applications of AI education for most professions is limited. As a result, there is an imperative to establish a sus-tainable learning space for professional healthcare practice education. This paper presents novel experiences, within a vir-tual lab environment, for the application of AI in healthcare. We identify and problematize insights into the AI competencies required for AI in professional healthcare practice education. With reference to our novel living lab titled, the Home Health Project, we present an interconnected case study model that suggest theoretical underpinning and opportunities to develop practitioner education pedagogy using AI concepts, concluding with a three-step proposal when delivering AI curriculum for this context.
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