Touch, click and be informed: Making a series of multi-touch iBooks to support social work placement

McGovern, Marguerita
McGovern, Marguerita. (2017). Touch, click and be informed: Making a series of multi-touch ebooks to support social work placement. The Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, 15(1).
This innovative project set out to develop a series of seven ‘wraparound’ multi-touch electronic eBooks to support pre-placement training within a professional social work course. The aim and main focus concentrated on developing and presenting the wisdom of practice teachers, social work students and tutors in a multi media content, encompassing aural and visual podcasts. This was further enhanced by including expert topic based opinion, theory and supportive slide presentations. The concept of making the eBooks was to change the delivery of the fieldwork pre-placement module, refocusing it from a didactic lecture based delivery to a more modern technology enhanced relevant method of improving the pre-placement knowledge, skills and values of social work students.
Whiting and Birch
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