Measuring knowledge transfer success by D&M

Halonen, Raija
Halonen, R., Thomander, H. (2008). "Measuring Knowledge Transfer Success by D&M," National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland. Sprouts: Working Papers on Information Systems, 8(41).
DeLone & McLean's success model has been actively used since its first introduction in 1992. In this article the model is extended to describe the success of knowledge sharing in an information system that included a part of the knowledge base of a private educational institute. As the supply of private education is increased it is vital to be aware if the offered educational services support the use of the knowledge base and if the service is perceived satisfactory by the customers. In our descriptive qualitative case study we discuss how the D&M model can be used in assessing educational services from the customer¿s point of view. In the assessment we focus on issues that interested the target organisation.
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