Looking out of the black-hole: non-union relations in an SME

Dundon, Tony
Grugulis, Irena
Wilkinson, Adrian
T. Dundon, I. Grugulis and A. Wilkinson, 1999, Looking out of the Black-Hole: non-union relations in an SME, Employee Relations, Vol. 22 (3), pp 251-66
Using a single case study approach this paper provides empirical evidence about managerial practices in a small, non-unionised firm which represents many of the features characteristic of the black-hole of no unions and no HRM. The efficacy of recent union organising strategies are explored against the context of pleasant and unpleasant employee experiences, paternalistic management and labour and product markets. It is argued that the ideology of a family culture is a significant barrier to a new organising model of unionism. Consequently, the evidence supports the case that family-run firms can be highly exploitative to which State support may be necessary to extend collective representation in smaller firms
Employee Relations Journal
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