Recalled parental rearing style and dimensions of hypnotic response

Költő, András
Józsa, Emese
Bányai, Éva I.
Költő, András, Józsa, Emese, & Bányai, Éva I. (2019). Recalled parental rearing style and dimensions of hypnotic response. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 67(2), 157-191. doi:10.1080/00207144.2019.1580968
So far, only a few studies have investigated how memories of parental rearing style are associated with hypnotic response, and these were either qualitative or confined to the behavioral aspect of hypnotizability. The present study aims to employ standardized, quantitative measures to investigate the associations between recalled parental rearing style and the behavioral, phenomenological, and emotional dimensions of hypnotic response. Two samples of healthy adult subjects (N = 438) completed a questionnaire on their parents' behavior and participated in a standard group hypnosis session in which their hypnotizability score, hypnotic experiences, and archaic involvement were assessed. Memories of cold and punishing parental behavior were associated with negative experiences related to the hypnotic state and negative emotions toward the hypnotist. The authors conclude that assessing parental behavior may be important in planning hypnotherapeutic interventions.
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