Development of a structured on-the-job training model

Cormican, Kathryn
Masterson, Fiona
Masterson, F. and Cormican, K. (2007) Development of a structured on-the-job training model 8th European Conference for Knowledge Management Barcelona, Spain, 2007-09-06- 2007-09-08
This paper examines the potential of using knowledge management in developing a structured on-the-job training programme. Using a qualitative multiple case study approach, multiple sources of evidence were collected from two Irish based multinationals, including written and interview-based information from training managers, specialists, trainers and trainees. The multinationals are Ballina beverages (Coca Cola) and Intel. A structured on-the-job training model in the form of a two-tiered closed loop circle was developed. The inner circle consists of knowledge management processes. The outer circle consists of the on-the-job training implementation steps. The structured on-the-job training model, when applied to organisations, has the potential to significantly improve their knowledge exchange activities through training, and consequently the strategic competitive advantage of the firm. The model is meant to help to turn their knowledge-sharing initiatives from theory to practice. Applying this model in a company that wishes to implement on-the- job training programmes gives structure to the implementation of the project. The contribution of this study may help organisations when they are seeking to launch a structured on-the-job training programme and to maximize their chance of success as it provides structure to the implementation of the project This study has the potential to assist other researchers in refining and modifying on-the-job training programmes to maximize knowledge and insight in this field that is still deficient in theory, tools, models and framework. The findings demonstrate the possibility of issuing knowledge management in delivering a structured on-the-job training model
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