Depth of field reduction for miniature-camera imaging

Cognard, Timothée E.
This thesis investigates the reduction of depth-of- field for miniature camera systems, such as the ones embedded in smartphones. The work on digital shallow depth-of- field is already mature and implemented in most modern phones in the form of image processing algorithms. Yet, little research has been performed to provide optical design solutions for depth-of- field management. This thesis proposes a theoretical framework for the understanding of depth-of-fi eld in the particular case of miniature cameras and two practical solutions to reduce the depth of eld. The fi rst one is an apodization phase-mask designed in order to achieve depth super-resolution with about 20% lobe width reduction. The second one is an f/1.0 and an f/1.4 lens. Both solutions are presented and compared. Finally, some preliminary work is presented on how image processing could further improve the hardware contribution of this thesis.
NUI Galway
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