Autonomous language teaching; Pre-requisite to autonomous language learning

Farren, Patrick
Farren, Patrick. (2012). Autonomous Language Teaching; Pre-requisite to autonomous language learning. In P. Alderete (Ed.), Translation, Technology and Autonomy in Language Teachng and Learning. Oxford: Peter Lang.
This paper addresses my concern about a lack of coordinated support being offered to student-teachers in the context of the Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), and about how a more learner-centred approach to language teaching is required. Addressing this concern in the context of my Ph.D. involved examining the impact of autonomous language teaching and learning that made use of the European language Portfolio (ELP) and that inspired the development by me of a professional portfolio. It should be noted that while referring to the ELP this paper focuses on the impact of autonomous language teaching supported by the professional portfolio .A central thesis of the study is that in order for autonomous language learning to take place there must first be autonomous language teaching. First, I outline the context of the study before offering a brief overview of key points that the literature has to say about the European Language Portfolio (ELP) and autonomous language teaching and learning. I outline the action research approach of the study, the data collection process that took place over two years and that involved focus group discussions, semi-structured interviews, and a questionnaire. Year two represents a more focused, and intensive study than year one. Finally the paper offers a summary of the principle findings.
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