An assessment of biometric identities as a standard for e-government services.

Scott, Murray
Acton, Thomas
Hughes, Martin
Scott, M., Acton, T., & Hughes, M. (2005). An assessment of biometric identities as a standard for e-government services International Journal of Services and Standards, 1(3), 271-286.
This paper investigates the applicability and potential use of biometrics for e-government services. An in-depth case study is presented outlining the development of e-government services in Ireland, highlighting potential areas for growth in biometrics and also areas for caution in the implementation of the underlying technologies. Biometrics is becoming an important international standard as an authentication technology providing cross-border immigration and security controls; however, the case for biometrics in e-government services is more complex. As an enabler of e-services, the implementation of this technology is challenged by a wider set of more profound societal issues including citizen privacy, security and trust. However, the rapid development and adoption of this technology has the potential to inform and hasten its diffusion into wider e-government usage. Specifically, this paper examines the current attitudes to the feasibility of biometrics as a component in the delivery of e-government services.
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