Interface waves in misoriented pre-stressed incompressible elastic solids

Destrade, Michel
DESTRADE M. (2005) 'On interface waves in misoriented pre-stressed incompressible elastic solids'. IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, Special Issue in Honour of R.W. Ogden, 70 :3-14.
Some relationships, fundamental to the resolution of interface wave problems, are presented. These equations allow for the derivation of explicit secular equations for problems involving waves localized near the plane boundary of anisotropic elastic half-spaces, such as Rayleigh, Scholte, or Stoneley waves. They are obtained rapidly, without recourse to the Stroh formalism. As an application, the problems of Stoneley wave propagation and of interface stability for misaligned predeformed incompressible halfspaces are treated. The upper and lower half-spaces are made of the same material, subject to the same prestress, and are rigidly bonded along a common principal plane. The principal axes in this plane do not, however, coincide, and the wave propagation is studied in the direction of the bisectrix of the angle between a principal axis of the upper half-space and a principal axis of the lower half-space.
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