Reducing residential carbon emissions in Ireland: Challenges and policy responses

Goggins, Gary
Fahy, Frances
Heaslip, Eimear
Goggins, Gary, Fahy, Frances, & Heaslip, Eimear. (2019). Reducing Residential Carbon Emissions in Ireland: Challenges and Policy Responses. In Frances Fahy, Gary Goggins, & Charlotte Jensen (Eds.), Energy Demand Challenges in Europe: Implications for policy, planning and practice (pp. 47-57). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
Carbon emissions from the residential sector in Ireland are higher than the European average and are rising. This is a concern in a country already struggling to meet its agreed climate targets. In this chapter, the authors highlight key trends that underpin household energy use in Ireland and undertake a critical examination of related energy policy, with particular attention to the role of the consumer. They find a broad objective to place the consumer at the forefront of Ireland s energy transition, but specific detail of how complex social and technical changes will be realised are lacking. The chapter concludes with a case study demonstrating how sustainable energy initiatives can bring together multiple actors with the common aim to address fuel poverty and lower carbon emissions.
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