Mobilising IS to support the diffusion of energy management practices outside of Ireland¿s LIEN (Large Industry Energy Network)

Costello, Gabriel
Costello, G. J., Lohan, J. and Donnellan, B. (2010) Mobilising IS to support the diffusion of Energy Management Practices outside of Ireland¿s LIEN (Large Industry Energy Network) In Proceeding of The 15th Annual Conference of the Association Information et Management (AIM 2010), Information Systems and Sustainable Development: Double Fertilization - From Myth to Reality May 20 and 21, 2010, La Rochelle, France.
Ireland is under increasing pressure to reduce energy consumption to meet carbon emission targets and protect an economy that is almost totally dependant on imported energy. The implementation of no cost and low cost energy efficiency measures across all sectors of the Irish economy has significant carbon and cost saving potential. The Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN) is a voluntary network operated by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) for eighty of the largest energy consumers in the country. The group accounts for approximately 10% of the state¿s total primary energy requirement (TPER). The task of implementing energy management practices outside the LIEN poses a significant challenge given the number of organisations involved, their geographic distribution and low energy intensity. However supporting these organisations to become energy efficient is essential if Ireland is to meet energy policy targets. This paper argues that combining web-based environments with process methodologies can provide an information systems infrastructure to enable the implementation of energy efficiency in both private and public sector organisations. The paper proposes a twotier model; with the first tier utilising a web-based process methodology to guide a novice energy team through formation, planning and auditing phases. The second tier would facilitate remote support from energy management experts via the collaborative environment. The study was undertaken using the approach of doing action research in your own organisation and the savings and cultural impact from implementing the model in a pilot study was encouraging.
Association Information et Management
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