Early intervention and management of adrenal insufficiency in children

Moloney, Sinéad
Dowling, Maura
Moloney, Sinéad, & Dowling, Maura. (2012). Early intervention and management of adrenal insufficiency in children. Nursing Children and Young People, 24(7), 25-28. doi: 10.7748/ncyp.24.7.25.s23
Sinéad Moloney and Maura Dowling outline how to treat this hormonal disorder and suggest ways to improve parental and carer education The endocrine disorder adrenal insufficiency includes inadequate production of the steroid hormone cortisol. This results in poor physiological responses to illness, trauma or other stressors and risk of adrenal crisis. Management is based on administration of hydrocortisone. It is important to avoid underor over-treatment and increase the dosage during times of physiological stress. To reduce morbidity, hospital admissions and mortality, the education and empowerment of parents and carers, and prompt intervention when necessary are essential. A steroid therapy card for adrenal insufficiency containing personal information on a patient’s condition was developed for use by families and their specialist centres.
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