Comparing borehole televiewer logs with continuous core: An example from New Zealand

Milloy, Sophie Frances
McLean, Katie
McNamara, David D.
Milloy, Sophie Frances , McLean, Katie , & McNamara, David D. (2015). Comparing Borehole Televiewer Logs with Continuous Core: An Example from New Zealand. Paper presented at the World Geothermal Congress, Melbourne.
The use of borehole televiewer logging is a recent addition to the well logging toolkit available to the geothermal industry in New Zealand. The information acquired from borehole televiewer (BHTV) equipment, such as the Acoustic Formation Imaging Technology (AFIT) tool provides valuable geological information about the geothermal reservoir. This paper investigates the accuracy of acoustic borehole imaging in a geothermal environment by comparing the information from a continuous core to a BHTV log acquired using the AFIT LT tool. This study is unique in the New Zealand geothermal industry as the data presented here has been obtained from the only well to have both a borehole image and continuous core over the imaged well interval.
International Geothermal Association
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