A role for viral infections in Parkinson's etiology?

Olsen, Laura K.
Dowd, Eilís
McKernan, Declan P.
Olsen, Laura K., Dowd, Eilis, & McKernan, Declan P. (2018). A role for viral infections in Parkinson’s etiology? Neuronal Signaling, 2(2), NS20170166. doi: 10.1042/ns20170166
Despite over 200 years since its first description by James Parkinson, the cause(s) of most cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD) are yet to be elucidated. The disparity between the current understanding of PD symptomology and pathology has led to numerous symptomatic therapies, but no strategy for prevention or disease cure. An association between certain viral infections and neurodegenerative diseases has been recognized, but largely ignored or dismissed as controversial, for decades. Recent epidemiological studies have renewed scientific interest in investigating microbial interactions with the central nervous system (CNS). This review examines past and current clinical findings and overviews the potential molecular implications of viruses in PD pathology.
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