Liminal citizenship: Young people's perspectives on civic and political engagement in three European cities

Chaskin, Robert
Brady, Bernadine
McGregor, Caroline
Chaskin, Robert, Brady, Bernadine, & Mcgregor, Caroline. (2021). Liminal Citizenship: Young People’s Perspectives on Civic and Political Engagement in Three European Cities. Social Service Review, 95(2), 247-277. doi:10.1086/714240
Concerns about young people s disengagement from civic and political life, particularly disengagement of those from marginalized backgrounds, are prominent in contemporary discourse and increasingly serve as an impetus driving youth policy. Effectively engaging disadvantaged youth, however, can be difficult, and the factors that contribute to these challenges are complex. This is particularly true with regard to the engagement of young people as citizens civic and political actors with autonomy and responsibility for contributing to the common good. This article focuses on the perspectives of disadvantaged urban youths in London, Belfast, and Dublin regarding their orientations toward civic and political life, the opportunities available to them to participate civically and politically, and the barriers they face to engagement. Based on this analysis, we outline some of the implications that young people s perspectives and experiences provide for informing policy and practice to promote meaningful youth civic and political engagement.
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