Employment sub-centres and travel-to-work mode choice in the Dublin region

Vega, Amaya
Vega, A,Reynolds-Feighan, A (2008) 'Employment sub-centres and travel-to-work mode choice in the Dublin region'. Urban Studies, 45 :1747-1768.
In this paper, travel-to-work patterns are analysed for a number of key employment sub-centres in the Dublin region. Geographical information system (GIS) visualisations and regression analysis are used to identify a small number of employment sub-centres using a large sample of travel-to-work data from the 2002 Census of Population modified with travel-specific data by the Dublin Transport Office. The journey to work is then analysed across these employment sub-centres in the context of a travel mode choice model. The estimation results illustrate the varying effects that travel attributes such as travel time and travel cost have on the choice of mode of travel across employment destinations highlighting the role of trip destination as a main driver of travel behaviour in the Dublin region.
Publisher DOI
DOI 10.1177/0042098008093377
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