Using comment only marking in a mathematics classroom in the Republic of Ireland: experience and learning of a student teacher

O'Mahoney, Kathleen
Heinz, Manuela
O'Mahoney, K & Heinz, M. (2016) 'Using Comment Only Marking in a Mathematics Classroom in the Republic of Ireland: Experience and Learning of a Student Teacher'. Journal of Teacher Action Research, 2 (2):58-69.
Formative assessment is a well recognised and researched method of assessing student learning and understanding in the classroom. One method of formative assessment is the use of comment only marking. In this paper, a Bachelor in Mathematics and Education student investigates the use of comment only marking and how it is received in the maths classroom of a senior cycle class in Irish second level education. Comment only marking aims to provide clear goals for students that are linked to assessment criteria, thus encouraging independent learning and self-assessment. Findings show that Irish second-level students attitudes in relation to comment only marking changed over the duration of the project. Differences were also apparent as regards the perceptions and experiences of students of different abilities.
Journal of Teacher Action Research
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