Measured and predicted t-z curves for a driven pile in lightly overconsolidated silt

McCabe, Bryan A.
Lehane, Barry M.
McCabe, Bryan A., & Lehane, Barry M. (2008). Measured and predicted t-z curves for a driven single pile in lightly overconsolidated silt. Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference on Site Characterisation, Taipei, Taiwan, 01-04 April.
Data from a static compression load test on a single driven pile in a lightly overconsolidated silt are presented in this paper. The pile was equipped with vibrating wire strain gauges along its length enabling its load distribution and t-z curves to be derived. Strong soil stiffness non-linearity is reflected in the shape of the t-z curves. Predicted t-z curves are developed based upon the stiffness degradation relationship of Lee and Salgado (1999). A comparison of predicted and measured curves allows an estimate to be made of the lateral variation of the mean effective stress in the vicinity of the pile.
National University of Ireland Galway
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