Development of a global energy management system (GEMS) for the life sciences industry

Finnerty, Noel
Coakley, Daniel
Sterling, Raymond
Keane, Marcus M.
Coffey, Ronan
Finnerty, Noel and Coakley, Daniel and Sterling, Raymond and Keane, Marcus M. and Coffey, Ronan (2015) Development of a global energy management system (GEMS) for the life sciences industry, Paper presented at the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Protection (SEEP 2015), Glasgow, Scotland.
For multi-national companies, assessment of cost effective energy efficiency projects across a global site base is a complex problem involving multiple variables. This research project proposes a novel methodology for driving optimal energy efficiency and assessing capital projects at a global level. The project scope will cover the systematic development and implementation of a methodology that supports sustainable decision making within a ‘Global Energy Management System’ (GEMS). It will be based on the following four pillars: (1) Site Characterization (2) Performance evaluation via formalized key performance indicators (KPI's) and standards-based energy benchmarking (3) Shared learning and dissemination (4) Investment strategies incorporating business continuity process (BCP) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) in addition to standard financial performance metrics. A leading multinational medical device company with a diverse global presence will provide a robust demonstrator.
NUI Galway
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