Network Enabled Capabilities and Competitive Technology Clusters in Ireland

Das, Satyasiba
Das, S. (2010) "Network Enabled Capabilities and Competitive Technology Clusters in Ireland", CISC Working Paper no. 36.
The Network approach is a useful heuristic tool that enables us to focus on the network structure, inter-linkages between actors and help determining how the networks change over time. The present study used the network approach to understand the degree to which technology based clusters (TBCs); industries, firms and products are enmeshed and linked in a network. The study indicates the important features and structure of high-tech industrial organisation in Ireland. Various network-based measures of connectivity and embeddedness of these competitive technology clusters in the network are used to determine the behaviour, and the range of opportunities, influence, and power that the industries and TBCs have. The study also examines whether capabilities are transferrable across these TBCs and industries in an evolutionary manner through technological convergence. Demographics of 2280 high-tech firms that comprise 8 competitive technology based clusters in Ireland are used to construct this network and an extensive product classification is used to create linkages between the technologies and industries.
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