Liposomal gene delivery mediated by tissue-engineered scaffolds

Kulkarni, Mangesh
Greiser, Udo
O’Brien, Timothy
Pandit, Abhay
Kulkarni, Mangesh; Greiser, Udo; O’Brien, Timothy; Pandit, Abhay (2010). Liposomal gene delivery mediated by tissue-engineered scaffolds. Trends in Biotechnology 28 (1), 28-36
In the absence of any ideal gene delivery carrier despite the recent explosion of novel carrier systems, the current trend is to explore the complementary synergy promised by a combination of delivery systems such as liposomes, which are the most widely researched versatile non-viral carriers, and tissue-engineered scaffolds with macrostructures of defined architecture comprised of natural or synthetic macromolecules. Here, we discuss the recent advances in liposomal gene delivery and the possible benefits of a combined liposome-scaffold approach, such as long-term expression, enhanced stability, reduction in toxicity and ability to produce spatio-temporal expression patterns. This approach is generating significant impact in the field as a result of its potential for extended localised gene delivery for applications in a variety of clinical conditions.
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