The prehistoric archaeology of Ireland

Waddell, John
Waddell, J. (1998). The prehistoric archaeology of Ireland. Galway: Galway University Press.
The first edition of The Prehistoric Archaeology of Ireland was published by Galway University Press (now no more) in 1998. This comprehensive survey of Irish prehistory is still a useful work of reference. This is a proof copy of that edition containing some minor typographical errors and misalignment of endnotes. A second edition with a short preface and some minor corrections was published by Wordwell in 2000. A third revised edition (also published by Wordwell, Dublin) appeared in 2010 and details the main archaeological discoveries and developments of the previous decade. It lacks the brief section 'A Short History of Prehistoric Archaeology in Ireland' now covered by the author's book Foundation Myths: the beginnings of Irish archaeology published in 2005.
Galway University Press
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