Design and development of smart contract system for blockchain based applications

Khatoon, Asma
The work presented in this thesis describes the design and development of smart contract system for blockchain based applications. The main objective is to investigate the current state of blockchain technology and its implementations and to reveal how main principles of this disruptive technology can reshape "business as normal" activities. This work examines the Blockchain technology as a whole and addresses its potential for the development of distributed applications. Blockchain based smart contract system for different applications that demonstrate a streamlined access management system using Ethereum blockchain has been designed and implemented. Ethereum reinforces the second gen of blockchain technology by providing an open and global computing/environment platform allowing for the exchange of cryptocurrency (Ether) and the creation of self-verified smart contract applications. Smart contracts provide a framework for the ownership of digital assets and a range of distributed applications in the blockchain region. Ethereum and smart contracts are open, decentralized and unalterable, as such, they are susceptible to vulnerabilities that arise from developers ' simple coding errors. We have designed and implemented smart contract system for blockchain based applications across healthcare management to Facilitate Medical Ecosystems and Energy systems to increase energy efficiency by designing smart contract system for energy-saving certificates. We also identified key themes, developments and emerging areas of healthcare and energy research. In this thesis, blockchain technology has been applied in areas such as healthcare and Energy sector. Healthcare applications are the main contribution of this thesis and the work on the Energy systems reflects as an additional contribution of this thesis. Hopefully the work presented in this thesis will give enough motivation towards developing distributed applications (ĐApps) using blockchain based smart contract system.
NUI Galway
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