The Gate Theatre Digital Archive - Gate performance and digital history

Houlihan, Barry
Houlihan, Barry. The Gate Theatre Digital Archive - Gate performance and digital history. Irish Archives, 25, 13-19.
The Gate Theatre Digital Archive at NUI Galway is fully digitised and available at the James Hardiman Library. Comprising 170,000 pages of manuscripts and printed materials, over 30,000 photos, over 600 hours of digitised video recordings and audio files, it is a vast resource for the study of one of Ireland s leading theatres which amounts to over nine terabytes of data. In this essay I will outline some key facets of the digital archive of the Gate Theatre at NUI Galway and how the archive can be utilised to leverage and uncover new understanding of the theatre s complex history, its many achievements and the potential of the archive to further critical studies of the Gate Theatre in international contexts. I will pay particular attention to the digitised video recordings of performance, which constitute an animated record and digital soundscape of acting and design on the Gate stage both in Dublin and abroad.
Irish Society for Archives
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