“Stuck between a rock and a hard place”: How mental health nurses’ experience psychosocial interventions in Irish mental health care settings

Smyth, Siobhan
De Vries, Jan M. A.
Rossetti, Jeanette
McCann, Edward
Smyth, Siobhan, De Vries, Jan M. A., Rossetti, Jeanette, & McCann, Edward. (2020). “Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place”: How Mental Health Nurses’ Experience Psychosocial interventions in Irish Mental Health Care Settings. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. doi:10.1111/jpm.12702
4.1 Description The paper will report on the interview data of trained MHNs experiences of using PSI within the Irish context. This observational data will be reported elsewhere (Smyth et al. 2020 under review). 4.2 Introduction This research is conducted when the current reform of Irish mental health governance demands clarification of key psychosocial skills (PSI) required for mental health nurses (MHNs) to embrace recovery‐orientated ways of working. There is limited evidence about this important topic in Ireland and across countries. 4.3 Aim To explore PSI‐trained MHNs experiences of using PSI within Ireland. 4.4 Method A multiple case study methodology was used and situated within an interpretive paradigm. Data were gathered using semi‐structured interviews with 40 PSI‐trained MHNs. 4.5 Findings Three overarching themes developed from the analysis. These included (a) PSI‐trained MHNs understanding and use of PSI; (b) facilitating factors supporting the use of PSI by PSI‐trained MHNs; and (c) obstacles limiting the use of PSI by PSI‐trained MHNs. 4.6 Discussion MHNs recognize that regular clinical supervision is required to increase their confidence, along with PSI guidelines for the offering of these skills across practice settings. MHNs also need work release to attend supplementary training on PSI so that they can do their job adequately. 4.7 Implications for practice This study suggests that MHNs are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when delivering PSI in practice. MHNs need to be aware that this can affect client outcomes. 4.8 Relevance statement This research identified a gap in knowledge within the Irish context but also across the world on this important topic. MHNs need access to regular clinical supervision, PSI guidelines and ongoing PSI training to feel confident in order to keep abreast of the changes happening in mental health practice and research.
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