Managing enterprise networks: Support structures for SMEs

Cormican, Kathryn
Cormican, K. (2005) Managing enterprise networks: Support structures for SMEs 9th International Workshop on Teamworking Lisbon, Portugal, 2005-09-08- 2005-09-09
In an increasingly competitive global economy, small to medium sized enterprises (SME) realise that they must work together in order to survive. They must learn to share their experiences and knowledge and pool their resources to compete in turbulent environments. Enterprise networks can provide these companies with the linkages needed for success. Such networks are often used as a means to develop innovative solutions and to access new customers and markets. However, the task of forming a network is not trivial. SMEs find it particularly difficult to engage in collaborative endeavours. Specific support structures and systems are needed to facilitate relationship building and collaboration. This paper presents support structures that were developed for SMEs taking into consideration their unique requirements. This includes a training programme supported by case studies and a web enabled information system incorporating migration plans, best practice methods and an integrated toolkit.
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