Ghrelin in the human myometrium

O'Brien, Margaret
Earley, Padraig
Morrison, John J.
Smith, Terry
O'Brien, M., Earley, P., Morrison, J., & Smith, T. (2010). Ghrelin in the human myometrium. Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 8(1), 55.
Ghrelin is a 28-amino acid octanolyated peptide, synthesised primarily in the stomach. It stimulates growth hormone release, food intake and exhibits many other diverse effects. Our group have previously determined that ghrelin inhibited human contractility in vitro. The aim of this study therefore, was to investigate the expression of ghrelin, its receptor, the growth hormone secretagogue receptor type 1 (GHS-R1), ghrelin O-acyltransferase (GOAT) which catalyses ghrelin octanoylation, prohormone convertase 1/3 (PC1/3) responsible for pro-ghrelin processing, in human myometrium, during pregnancy prior to labour, during labour and in the non-pregnant state. Modulation of ghrelin and ghrelin receptor expression in cultured myometrial cells was also investigated.
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