A phenomenological study of occupational participation for people who identify as transgender

Daly, Vivienne
Hynes, Sinéad M.
Daly, Vivienne , & Hynes, Sinéad M. (2020). A Phenomenological Study of Occupational Participation for People Who Identify as Transgender. Annals of International Occupational Therapy, 3. doi:10.3928/24761222-20200309-04
Abstract INTRODUCTION: The challenges that transgender people face, which are caused by a multitude of factors, have been well documented. However, changes in occupational participation are less well known. This research explored changes in the occupational participation of transgender people. METHODS: The study used a phenomenological research design. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews with five participants. Data were analyzed with an interpretative phenomenological approach. RESULTS: Three themes were identified: work, self-presentation, and role change. Positive reports of transitioning were described as well as ongoing challenges in occupational participation. Various effects on work and life roles were reported. The study did not include either an emic perspective or member checking, limiting the usefulness of the findings. CONCLUSION: The findings showed that gender transitions can affect occupational participation both positively and negatively. A gender transition has the potential to foster a renewed sense of meaning and enjoyment in the everyday lives of people who identify as transgender. For clinicians, it is important to support people who are transgender and those undergoing a gender transition to maximize their occupational participation. [
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