The wizard of OZ: instilling a resilient heart into self-service business applications

Costello, Gabriel
Costello, G. J. (2006) THE WIZARD OF OZ: Instilling a Resilient Heart into Self-Service Business Applications In International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), Volume 206, The Transfer and Diffusion of Information Technology for Organizational Resilience (Donnellan, B. and Larsen, T. J. and Levine, L. and Degross, J. I., Eds), pp 209-216, Springer, Boston.
Speech enabled business applications are characterized by complex implementations that bring together language processing technologies, applications development, and end-user psychology. Resilience is critical to maintaining business to customer relationships when implementing these self-service solutions. The Wizard-of-Oz experiment is a valuable technique for simulating and building human¿machine prototypes to ensure successful deployment of the completed service. This paper proposes the simplification and diffusion of the methodology to facilitate the growth in demand for automated e-business transactions.
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