Handling heterogeneity in RosettaNet messages

Haller, Armin
Kotinurmi, Paavo
Vitvar, Tomas
Oren, Eyal
Armin Haller, Paavo Kotinurmi, Tomas Vitvar, Eyal Oren "Handling heterogeneity in RosettaNet messages", Proceedings of the 22nd Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, 2007.
We present a semantic B2B gateway based on the WSMX se- mantic Service-Oriented Architecture to tackle heterogeneities in RosettaNet messages. We develop a rich RosettaNet ontology and use the axiomatised knowledge and rules to resolve data heterogeneities and to unify unit conversions. We use adaptive executable choreography definitions to easily integrate new sellers into existing RosettaNet collaborations.
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