Re-conceptualising voice in the non-union workplace

Dundon, Tony
Gollan, Paul
T. Dundon and P. Gollan, 2007, Re-conceptualising non-union voice, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 18(7): 1182-1198
In this paper we present a conceptual analysis of the literature and research surrounding voice in the non-union workplace. The paper begins with a definitional discussion of non-unionism ¿ what it is and what it is not, and then proceeds to unpick the concept of employee voice in the non-union workplace. The core of our analysis consists of a re-conceptualization of factors affecting non-union voice, and the potential outcomes as a result of external macro market pressures such as changing regulatory and market pressures for employee voice, and internal micro organisational dimensions such as management choice and strategy towards employee voice. From the analysis it is argued that more individualised and company-specific forms of employee voice are likely to increase. This poses new challenges for traditional collective representation and the institutional structures within which employee voice operates, which requires critical analysis and future empirical investigation
International Journal of Human Resource Management
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