Enterprise personal analytics: The next frontier in individual information systems research

Clohessy, Trevor
Acton, Thomas
Whelan, Eoin
Golden, Willie
Clohessy, Trevor, Acton, Thomas, Whelan, Eoin, & Golden, Willie. (2018). Enterprise Personal Analytics: The Next Frontier in Individual Information Systems Research. Foundations and Trends® in Information Systems, 2(4), 296-387. doi: 10.1561/2900000011
Modern enterprise technological landscapes are being impacted by the increasing individuation of information systems (IS). Consequently, the end-user computing phenomenon is being extended to incorporate a multitude of nascent possibilities for organizations. One promising avenue encompasses the use of business analytics. Common categories of enterprise intelligence analytics are traditionally derived from activity patterns and collaborative routines. In the scope of this paper we shall focus on another emergent category of analytics which we refer to as enterprise personal analytics which encompasses the concept of organisations enabling their employees to use their individual analytics to manage their digital working lives from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive points of view. This topic has been only minimally analysed in IS research. Furthermore, there have been increased calls by academics to investigate the individuation of IS which has largely gone unnoticed in the IS research discipline (e.g. Baskerville, 2013). This paper therefore extends understanding by: 1. Presenting an overview of specific analytics trends which have shaped the personal analytics landscape which include: learning analytics, the quantified self, human-centric analytics, gamification, sports analytics, personal cloud and Neuro IS. 2. Presenting a framework, derived from a survey of the personal analytics literature, which consists of various combinations of research stakeholder perspectives and concerns. This framework can be used to guide and coalesce future IS research on enterprise personal analytics. 3. Identifies possible research questions aimed at highlighting how the framework can be used. 4. Provides an overview of a visual mapping artefact aimed at assisting companies with their enterprise personal analytics digital transformation journeys.
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