Concept development in nursing and midwifery: an overview of methodological approaches

Beecher, Claire
Devane, Declan
White, Mark
Greene, Richard
Dowling, Maura
Beecher, Claire, Devane, Declan, White, Mark, Greene, Richard, & Dowling, Maura. Concept development in Nursing and Midwifery: An overview of methodological approaches. International Journal of Nursing Practice, 0(0), e12702. doi: doi:10.1111/ijn.12702
Background Over the past four decades, there has been a growing focus on the resolution of conceptual problems through the process of concept development. As the focus on this area has grown, so too has the number of debates in the literature on methodological aspects of concept development. Aim To provide an overview of the essential methodological considerations of concept development. Design Discussion paper. An overview is presented of the methodological considerations of commonly used concept development strategies and methods within nursing and midwifery. Data Sources Literature dating from the inception of concept development in nursing and midwifery. Implications for Nursing and Midwifery The robust development of concepts is a vital component in advancing the knowledge base of nursing and midwifery theory and practice. However, the complexity of the concept development literature may serve to exacerbate the challenges of developing a given concept, in particular for the novice researcher. Conclusion The methodological considerations discussed provides guidance in determining the most appropriate strategy and method of concept development.
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