"Nonsense?" - ICT perceived by the elderly

Halonen, Raija
Mikkola, K. & Halonen, R. (2011). ""Nonsense?" - ICT perceived by the elderly". European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems 2011, Divani Apollon Palace & Spa, Athens, Greece, 30-31 May.
This paper describes a feasibility study of ICT and social media as perceived by elderly people. Until lately, very little research has been done on social media from the perspective of older people. This is surprising as prior literature reveals that the amount of elderly people is increasing in the future. The empirical research material was collected by interviewing elderly people who lived independently at home. The qualitative study showed that not all elderly find social media necessary or interesting but several of them use ICT due to need for services. The results will contribute further research on the use of ICT and elderly people.
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