Linezolid lock prophylaxis of central venous catheter infection

Fennell, J. P.
O'Donohoe, M.
Cormican, M.
Lynch, M.
Fennell, J. P. O'Donohoe, M.; Cormican, M.; Lynch, M. (2008). Linezolid lock prophylaxis of central venous catheter infection. Journal of Medical Microbiology 57 (4), 534-535
Central venous catheter (CVC)-related infections are a major problem for patients requiring long-term venous access and may result in frequent hospital admissions and difficulties in maintaining central venous access. CVC-related blood stream infections are associated with increased duration of inpatient stay and cost approximately (sic) 13 585 per patient [Blot, S. I., Depuydt, P., Annemans, L., Benoit, D., Hoste, E., De Waele, J. J., Decruyenaere, J., Vogelaers, D., Colardyn, F. & Vandewoude, K. H. (2005). Clin Infect Dis 41, 1591-1598]. Antimicrobial lock therapy may prevent CVC-related blood stream infection, preserve central venous access and reduce hospital admissions. In this paper, the impact of linezolid lock prophylaxis in a patient with short bowel syndrome is described.
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