Solvent-selective routing for centrifugally automated solid-phase purification of rna

Dimov, Nikolay
Clancy, Eoin
Gaughran, Jennifer
Boyle, David
Mc Auley, Darren
Glynn, Macdara T.
Dwyer, Róisín M.
Coughlan, Helena
Barry, Thomas
Barrett, Louise M.
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Dimov, Nikolay; Clancy, Eoin; Gaughran, Jennifer; Boyle, David; Mc Auley, Darren; Glynn, Macdara T. Dwyer, Róisín M.; Coughlan, Helena; Barry, Thomas; Barrett, Louise M.; Smith, Terry J.; Ducrée, Jens (2014). Solvent-selective routing for centrifugally automated solid-phase purification of rna. Microfluidics and Nanofluidics 18 (5), 859-871
We present a disc-based module for rotationally controlled solid-phase purification of RNA from cell lysate. To this end, multi-stage routing of a sequence of aqueous and organic liquids into designated waste and elution reservoirs is implemented by a network of strategically placed, solvent-selective composite valves . Using a bead-based stationary phase at the entrance of the router, we show that total RNA is purified with high integrity from cultured MCF7 and T47D cell lines, human leucocytes and Haemophilus influenzae cell lysates. Furthermore, we demonstrate the broad applicability of the device through the in vitro amplification of RNA purified on-disc using RT-PCR and NASBA. Our novel router will be at the pivot of a forthcoming, fully integrated and automated sample preparation system for RNA-based analysis .
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