Development of a novel water quality index model using data science approaches

Uddin, Md Galal
The thesis present the Irish Water Quality Index (IEWQI) model for assessing transitional and coastal water quality in an effort to improve the method and develop a tool that can be used by environmental regulators to abate water pollution in Ireland. The developed model has been associated with the adoption of water quality standards formulated for coastal and transitional waterbodies according to the water framework directive legislation by the environmental regulator of Irish water. The developed model has five identical components: (i) an indicator selection technique for selecting the critical water quality indicator; (ii) a sub-index (SI) function for rescaling the information from various water quality indicators into a uniform scale; (iii) an indicators' weight method for estimating the weight values based on the relative significance of real-time information on water quality; and (iv) an aggregation function for computing the water quality index. In the thesis, each model component, model performance assessment techniques and results (uncertainty, sensitivity, and efficiency), along applications are presented in detail in ten chapters: Chapter 1 presenting the research background, aims, and objectives, as well as a brief summary of the methodology used. Chapter 2 presents a comprehensive literature review of existing WQI models. Chapter 3 presents an improved WQI model for coastal water assessment. Chapter 4 describes a novel approach for estimating and predicting uncertainty in a WQI model. Chapter 5 presents a novel approach for model performance analysis. Chapter 6 presents optimising techniques for selecting model input. Chapter 7 presents a sophisticated model for rating water quality. Chapter 8 presents a robust ML/AI model for predicting water quality. Chapter 9 provides in details of the assessment trophic status index (ATSI) model; and finally Chapter 10 presents the summary, key conclusions from the research and recommendations.
NUI Galway
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