A lean six sigma training providers transition to a 100% online delivery model

McDermott, Olivia
Walsh, Patrick
Halpin, Lorraine
McDermott, O., Walsh, P., Halpin, L. (2021). A Lean Six Sigma Training Providers Transition to a 100% Online Delivery Model. In: Powell, D.J., Alfnes, E., Holmemo, M.D.Q., Reke, E. (eds) Learning in the Digital Era. ELEC 2021. IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology, vol 610. Springer, Cham.
This research is a case study on SQT a leading Irish Lean Six Sigma training provider and their transition to online training and the digitalisation of their Lean Six Sigma training programs and other associated programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The changes and challenges in transitioning from the existing classroom-based training model are discussed. A quantitative survey and qualitative interviews were carried out with the customers (trainee’s and sponsoring employer organisations/clients) of the Lean Six Sigma trainer provider for 9–12 months. The results of the survey on the customers learning experiences with online Lean training is analysed. The results will demonstrate that the move to online Lean training was positive for both the customers and the training provider in terms of quality of delivery, cost minimisation, elimination of non-value-add travel and classroom time, improved online teamwork, program structure and engagement and enhanced benefits of the application of the learning in the workplace.
Springer, Cham
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