Understanding net benefits: a citizen-based perspective on e-government success

Scott, Murray
Golden, William
Scott, M., & Golden, W. (2009). Understanding net benefits: a citizen-based perspective on e-government success. Paper presented at the International Conference on Information Systems 2009
eGovernment promises more efficient services and a more responsive government. Despite substantial investment, increasing failure rates have prompted critics to argue that policy makers are not achieving this vision. Surprisingly, there is very little research on what citizens define as important in eGovernment services and how aspects of government web sites affect that perception. The inclusion of the citizen perspective has largely been absent, denying a deeper understanding of the factors that drive usage. This research proposes an important and unique development of the D&M IS Success Model. By combining elements from public administration research and eGovernment success, this study constructs a comprehensive model of Net Benefits centred on the perspective of the citizen. The novel paradigm of Public Value is used to create a balanced success model, tailored for the public sector and is situated within the D&M IS Success Model. This research therefore aims to understand what citizens regard as important in the success of eGovernment services and what aspects of IT Quality affect eGovernment success.
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