Modified wood as compression reinforcement of timber perpendicular to the grain

O’Ceallaigh, Conan
Conway, Michael
Mehra, Sameer
Harte, Annette M.
O’Ceallaigh, Conan, Conway, Michael, Mehra, Sameer, & Harte, Annette M. (2021). Modified wood as compression reinforcement of timber perpendicular to the grain. Paper presented at the World Conference on Timber Engineering (WCTE), Santiago, Chile, 09-12 August.
An investigation was carried out to examine the potential to utilise modified wood as a reinforcement for timber subjected to compression loading perpendicular to the grain. In recent years there has been a significant number of studies examining the use of steel screws and bonded in rods for this purpose. This is becoming more and more important with the increased use of timber in medium-to high rise structures. In this study, thermally densified or modified timber in the form of dowels are utilised as compression reinforcement perpendicular to the grain and tested to failure. Thermally densified dowel reinforcement arrangements of 2, 4, and 6 dowels are examined experimentally under a compressive load and compared to timber samples similarly reinforced but with steel screws specifically designed to resist stresses perpendicular to the grain. The results have demonstrated the potential to utilised modified wood to create an all-wood solution to reinforce against compressive stresses perpendicular to the grain.
National University of Ireland Galway
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