Multiplexed electrochemical cancer diagnostics with automated microfluidics

Mercer, Conan
Jones, Abby
Rusling, James F.
Leech, Dónal
Mercer, Conan, Jones, Abby, Rusling, James F., & Leech, Dónal. (2019). Multiplexed Electrochemical Cancer Diagnostics With Automated Microfluidics. Electroanalysis, 31(2), 208-211. doi: doi:10.1002/elan.201800632
Microfluidic platforms can lead to miniaturisation, increased throughput and reduced reagent consumption, particularly when the processes are automated. Here, a programmable microcontroller is used for automation of a microfluidic platform configured to electrochemically determine the levels of 8 proteins simultaneously in complex liquid samples. The platform system is composed of a programmable Arduino microcontroller that controls inexpensive valve actuators, pump, magnetic stirrer and electronic display. The programmable microcontroller results in repeatable timing for each step in a complex assay protocol, such as sandwich immunoassays. Application of the platform is demonstrated using a multiplexed electrochemical immunoassay based on capture at the electrode surface of magnetic particles labelled with horseradish peroxidase and detection antibody. The multiplexed assay protocol is completed in less than 30 mins and results in detection of eight proteins associated with prostate cancer. The approach presented can be used to automate and simplify high‐throughput screening campaigns, such as detection of multiple biomarkers in patient samples.
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